Skipper Henk

Henk is Dutch, born 1962. He speaks English, Dutch, Friesian, German, Portuguese and Spanish. 

After graduating he worked for 6 years as a freelance advertisement photographer in Amsterdam. He started sailing at the age of 12 and can look back on 21 years of sailing experience. Here in the south he sails since 1995.
While on a sailing trip of two years, he decided to give his nautical life a more permanent footing. The attraction of the extreme isolation and the beauty of unspoiled nature made it easy to take that decision. 
The following countries are familiar to him due to previous sailing voyages: United Kingdom, Portugal, Morocco, Madeira, Canary Islands, Azores, Cape Verde, Senegal, Guinee Bissau, St. Helena, South Africa, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Antarctica.

  • Sailor since Childhood.

  • 1978-1984 sailing instructor.

  • 1978 Dutch Skippers license.

  • 1982 Intensive offshore sailing, deliveries around ports of South Africa.

  • 1985 First transatlantic delivery as a skipper.

  • 1992 decision to sail full time (2 years sailing trip).

  • 1995 started chartering with his own 54ft. steel sloop rigged yacht in South America. Logging about 15.000 miles a year, mainly in Tierra del Fuego, making sailing trips around Cape Horn, to Antarctica, Falklands, South Georgia and up to Brazilian waters in the austral winter.


Co-Skipperin Jacqueline

Jacqueline is Swiss, born 1968. She speaks English, German, Spanish, French and some Italian. 

After graduating she worked as an english and primary school teacher in Zürich, Switzerland for 5 years.
Having completed her fith year of teaching, she decided to take a three month brake. As a nature and animal lover, always searching for by human hand unspoiled places on earth, she travelled to South America and fell in love with it's purness of nature.
Overwhelmed by the beauty of some places, she was looking for a possibility to give her life in South-America a permanent footing
Overwhelmed by the flora and fauna, she was looking for a possibility to give living in South -America a permanent footing.
Having sailed for 12 years herself and being owner of a small sailing boat, she took the opportunity to join the Sarah on her expeditions in 1998 and has covered over 15'000 miles with her since.

  • 1998 First Expedition to Antarctica on the Sarah

  • 1998 Coskipper on the Sarah for Cape Horn and Glacier Trips.

  • 1999 Coskipper on the Sarah South Georgia, Falklands, Cape Horn, Glaciers, Brazil.

  • 2000 Swiss Yacht sailing license ( B-Schein).

  • 2000 Co-Skipper on Sarah Cape Horn, Glaciers, Brazil.

  • 2001 Deckhand and Chef on the Sea master Expedition with Sir Peter Blake to Antarctica, Cape Horn and Glaciers on the Sarah

In South Georgia