Zu den Falkland Inseln

S/Y "Sarah"

Ein Segeltörn ans Ende der Welt


Come explore Antarctica, South Georgia Island, Falkland Islands, Cape Horn, Tierra del Fuego & more! 

The "Sarah" provides adventurers, a view of "the ends of earth", glaciers, fjords, waterfalls & wildlife."

The Falkland Islands are a group of hilly islands in the Southern Atlantic, some hundred seamiles from Cape Horn and aproximately 1000 seamiles from Antarctica. East and West Falkland, the main islands, are seperated by the Falkland Sound. Now there are known to be 778 islands in total. The coastline is deeply indented with many sheltered harbours, the numerous creeks and bays reach deep into the mainland. There are many inland lakes where trout fishing is excellent. 

The highest peak is Mount Adam on West Falkland with 700 m. 185 species of birds are registered, of which 66 are breeding. There are 5 types of penguins to be found on the island (among which the most beautiful of all: the king penguin). 

Different types of albatross are breeding on the Islands, e.g. the wandering albatross. The Birds such as the Striated Caracara (a form of peregrine) are peculiar to the Islands and, as such protected. Also the sea is full of life: sea lions, sea elephants, dolphins and with some luck whales can be seen. 

Port Stanley: 1000 inhabitants (total Falklands: 2000). Typical english houses, beautiful villas and simple, run down cottages stand next to each other. We feel, how isolated and lonely, but at the same time typically english these Falklands are. 80% of all cars are landrovers. 

Nobody walks or rides a bike. Many places remind us of the Falkland war in 1982, be it monuments or fenced off terrain with land mines. The war is still talked about a lot. Argentinians since 2001 are allowed to visit.

The Falkland people are a tight community, there is little migration. Every evening at 19:30 you listen to the radio news: the flight schedule gets announced together with the list of passengers, booked on every flight. So everybody is informed. 

hen the weather report follows with a calculation of the 'windchill factor' and the 'danger-level'. An important message for the sheep farmers. Only what sheep meat is concerned the Falklands are self sufficient. All remaining goods are flown or shipped from England or Punta Arenas in Chile. But still, there is hardly any vegetables or eggs from Falkland that are not priced three times as much as english ones. 


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