Segelyacht "SARAH"

Techn. Details


BathroomA Skorpion IV, a 53 ft. steel yacht with ample space 

to accommodate a crew of 10. 

For eight guests there are four equal two bunk cabins;

with ample storage space and a bedside lamp. 

The boat was built in 1988 at the Feltz shipyard in Hamburg, a boat builder with a known reputation for building sturdy and reliable ships. Apart from numerous certificates with which it was issued, the well planned technical installation is clear evidence of the quality of the ship. 

For communication a SSB radio is available, not only covering marine bands, but amateur (ham) frequencies as well. A telex, combined with an inmarsatC system ensures permanent contact with family at home.

Practicality and coziness of the interior layout have been given preference over the use of expensive materials. Since the crew will be organized in watches during the longer trips, the social life on board will largely take place in the saloon at the back of the ship. 

Separated from the saloon are the sleeping quarters, where part of the crew can retire to enjoy their well earned rest. 

Two toilets, a shower and hot water are essential to ensure the necessary comfort for all, and a good spirit on board.Galley  

The ship's central heating system is designed to work day and night in order to avoid condensation, and ensure ample possibility to dry slickers, clothing and boots.

Offshore suits, scuba and other watersport equipment is available on board.

The yacht meets all specifications proposed by the Antarctic Treaty of 1991.